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Working to provide our customers with a full support system when planning your next move!

1) A team organized to make your experience one to remember and enjoy from the beginning to end.

2) Model home to visualize the quality of home First Construction offers.

3) Lock in pricing - always know exactly what your costs are on your new home and avoid any surprises at the end.

4) An organized, hands on selection center. Envision and personalize your home in our comprehensive selection center.

5) Energy Efficiency - We are constantly working to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. We are 100% committed to meeting and exceeding the ENERGY STAR© program requirements. We have a Certified Green Building Professional to incorporate green building principles into each home. As a RESNET Energy Smart Builder we are leading the transformation of the housing industry towards high performance homes. First Construction is committed to having all of our homes energy rated following RESNET's stringent standards.

6) Our neighborhood or yours. You have the freedom to choose one of our neighborhoods or build on a lot of your choice.

7) Transitional rental opportunities. We have resources to provide a possible rental home if necessary as you transition into your new First Construction home.

Meet the team that will work with you when you purchase or build your new home with First Construction Company.

Jen Hughes - - (319) 721-3350

     Jen & Brian Hughes became the new owners of First Construction Company in 2013. Jen is focusing on sales & marketing, assisting buyers with planning and selections of their new home and design concepts for new construction homes. 

Benton Frey - - (319) 981-9907

   Specializing in overall management of the company, Benton also assists with new floor plan design, ongoing market research to keep First Construction in touch with the latest market trends and provides continued support throughout the building process to both suppliers and customers.

Jake Frey - - (319) 981-0998

   As the superintendent, Jake manages each stage of the construction process and overall quality control. Jake makes sure that from the first stage through the final touches of a First Construction built home, it is something the First Construction team will be proud of and homeowners will love!

Beth Barvinek - - (319) 366-6021

   Beth handles the accounts payable and various other tasks that come up throughout the year.  



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